So You Want To Buy A Computer? But How Does It Work?

Andrew and Craig discuss buying a laptop computer. They open up a little bit on how they organize their life.

Show Notes

The note book I was talking about can be purchased here. is the site I just started using for all my tasks in their Kanban boards.

Talk about computers begin at 8m15s.

Andrew mentioned he has looked at the following: System76, Lenovo ThinkPad and Dell XPS.

The Apple commercial I was alluding to is aptly and awkwardly titled What’s a Computer.

Dell’s Sputnick project includes the following computers.

How a computer works, more specifically how a CPU works, check out ScottsPC on YouTube.

Threads vs Cores is better explained here.

Yes, in fact XNU means “XNU is Not Unix”.

System76 is great. Check out their blog! This is PopOS.

Jupiter Broadcasting is one of my favorite independent podcasting networks. If you have never heard of them, check them out!

Here’s Leo Laporte reviewing the System76 Oryx Pro.

Arch hardware compatibility list can be found here.

The MeetUp I attend is called The IT Crowd, so come meet Andrew and I if you are in the Chicagoland area.

Calculate when you should go to bed at

Netbooks are terrible.

I did not mention the following in the show, but Ubuntu has a sweet list of their certified hardware for Ubuntu and a dope monitoring widget/applet for the Gnome desktop here.

Show notes were prepared by Craig.

Music was provided by and can be found here. Artist: Big Quiet. Track: Honied Through.