Miscellanea, Meet-Ups, and Markup

A lot of news lately in the FOSS community, so we talk about it. Then we touch on some Ubuntu updates from Andrew and finish off with a little containerized talk.

You can now e-mail us at twotechdudes@protonmail.com.

Our LinkedIn page.

My new monitor is an Hisense and my chair is a Herman Miller. I love them both.

IT Crowd in Naperville, IL Meet-Up can be found here. Meet us in person if you are local!

The Markup publication wants to report how tech is being used that impact people and society. Check out the Press Release.

Craig’s personal blog can be found at craignuzzo.tech. -blog topics coming up.

Jupiter Broadcasting + Linux Academy = Awesome! Check out the blog announcment. We’re stoked. Chris talks about why on the latest Coder Radio.

Linus Torvalds take a break from being a Maintainer to find his emotions and respect. If you don’t know who he is, check out his TED Talk Interview.

Remove a Windows password with chntpw package on Ubuntu live USB. It’s too easy to do a web search on this one. Enjoy.

This is sweet, OSS security system Zoneminder.

John Oliver talks about Facebook on his show here.

Join us in doing Hacktoberfest.

Andrew’s Ubuntu Update.

Containers? Do we use them? What’s with the buzz? Are we using them more than we think?

Jess Frazelle gives the best talks on Containers!! Real entertaining and technical. Check out here 2018 talk on YouTube from LinuxConfAu.

Show notes prepared by Craig.

Music is Tooms by Black Agnes from freemusicarchive.org