Podcast As A Utility

Is the Internet a good thing? We pull an audible and talk tech philosophy and do not touch on modern web development at all this time around.

Beating Procrastination.

Information Addiction is real.

Multi-Tasking is bad.

Single-tasking is tricky.

Just write down a list of things that make you happy. Get rid of distractions.

IBM buys Red Hat. Not well communicated. Canonical next?

Interesting statement from Canonical here.

Matt D’Avella quit social media for 30 days, see his results here.

Here is Craig’s GoodReads profile.

Thinking, Fast and Slow book.

Amazon did come out with a phone, it just failed so we forgot about it. and DNSCloack were talked about.

Music is by Pudge, song is called Strongbow from FreeMusicArchive.org

Show Notes prepared by Craig.