What Happens When?

Security follow-up and then we answer the ol’ IT interview question of “What happens when you type a domain into your browser and hit the Enter key?”.

The pfSense router from Netgate I talk about can be found here

Explained by Steve Gibson on Security Now 697 at 1:11:24

Kali Linux Deep Dive on Linux Academy


Open Source Computer Science Degree found at https://github.com/cdnuzzo/open-source-cs.

A really good lecture series is “Computer Networks - University of Washington” by David Wetherall found here.

App Pick of the Show is a very minimal Weekly Planner app called Coypu.

“What Happens When You Type a Domain into Your Browser and Hit Enter?” talk begins at 24:23.

Great Resources for a follow-up to our Interview Question Talk:


Crash Course Computer Science #29: The Internet

How Internet Works Part 1 & 2 in Security Now episodes 25 & 26 found on GRC.com here.

The Internet by Brian Will is sweeeeeet to learn about how the Internet works, found here.

Music is a track titled The Boss by Dee Yan-Key from FreeMusicArchive.org.

Show Notes prepared by Craig