LMGTFY with DuckDuckGo

Some tech talks are mentioned and then we confess what Google services we use and talk alternatives.

News and Announcements:

Brand new System76 machine here.

ChooseLinux show by Joe and Jason. Choose Linux Show.

Had to mention, if ya like stickers, $1 total out the door. Grab it here.

Craig’s 24 30-Day Challenges.

Privacytools.io has been updated recently.

Privacy Respecting List Awesome Self-Hosted List

Sick site for learning programming languages, it collects them at Hackr.io.

Syncthing is awesome!

Recent Open-Source Tech Talks

Linux.conf.au 2019:

AV1 Video Codec

Web Security 2019

Mozilla Project Things

Fosdem 2019:

Alan Pope’s talk on Snaps.

Talk on the FreedomBox found here.

Open Source at DuckDuckGo

Building modern desktop apps in Go

Open-Source firmware at Facebook

The Current and future Tor Project updates

Minimalism Matters

Linking OpenStreetMap and Wikidata

A private cloud for everyone - Why and How Nextcloud builds a private cloud software

Codifying Infrastructure with Terraform for the future

Automate Kubernetes Workloads with Ansible Easy deployment

Add enterprise 2FA to your ownCloud in 15 minutes

Crostini: a Linux desktop on ChromeOS

Google topic starts at 15:19.

Alternatives we mention include: ProtonMail, NextCloud, DuckDuckGo.

Andrew mentioned Photopea.

DuckDuckGo announcement on using Apple’s MapKit here.

Music is titled Take A Break by Loyalty Freak Music from Freemusicarchive.org

Show Notes prepared by Craig